Monday, March 30, 2009


Today, Cassandra and I went shopping for some photo shoot things.
The shoot is vampire themed.
On Sunset BLVD, near my house, is a Mexican, witchcraft supply store.
The owner is a funny man, he speaks broken English and runs around the shop pointing at things saying, "Protection, you see, protection" he holds his fingers up like a cross. I pick out 5 cross necklaces, some black candles, dragons blood, some other spell oils, A witchcraft pendent, a homemade (dirty) $5 wooden cross, and Cass buys an entire jar of macaw feathers for $20. He adds up the items on a white paper bag, counting in Spanish then he says, "$98" and I ask for a receipt, he hands me the white paper bag scrawled with his addition. He points at me and asks, "Bruja?"

When I was 15 I used to walk to the library near my Dads house and check out all the books on Wicca, desperately trying to be unique or understand spirituality. It's funny how when we look back at things we realize how silly our choices and behavior must have appeared. It makes me wonder, do we still appear silly and immature? Are there only moments of silliness now as opposed to entire lives of it? I wonder what my Mother must have thought, watching Kristal and I pretend to smoke incense under a fort of over-sized clothes and chairs, wearing bikinis, on the front lawn. Did she smile and think, "Now there is a future fashion designer" or did she just secretly hope none of her friends pop round for a surprise visit, only to glance in on the 12 year old mess of make believe inappropriately exposed for the neighborhood?

Either way, being immature is pretty fun when you're in the moment, and I still make believe I'm a natural born witch... secretly of course.

March 17 09


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  2. If the world feels so solid and unmysterious that studying witchcraft seems silly, then it's time to crack out the hallucinogenic drugs and get back on track.