Monday, March 30, 2009

canyon girlfriends

Kelsey got stuck in traffic and I watched a really bad HIlary Duff movie while Cass organized. I made Kelsey a mix CD of canyon songs for our "canyon excursion" She's moved into Adarshas room on Laurel Canyon and you can hear the cars go by outside. It's right next to the country store and I feel alive and magical sitting in her room. The house is a castle. We sort through boxes of her clothes and decide what to hang, fold and toss... and what to give to me. She is officially my substitute boyfriend as I find myself on dates with her quite often. Right now she is sorting the stuff out on the bed so we can go to sleep and I am writing. I watch her and pretend we are sitting inside a tent and outside we are coyotes and we stay up late into the night. I want to put on big furry boots and run through the hills here. It is almost fourth of July, I have to put together an outfit. Next week we leave for Oregon, We will play at the country fair and go crazy with love. Then we go to Bend and will hike around the lake and camp out. Then it is Emergen C festival. I hope it will all be so fun. Things I want to happen:

1. Meet new people who show me new worlds
2. Get tanner (wishful thinking)
3. Move into the big room (happening!! YAY!!)
4. Fall in love. Happen!
5. Sew costumes with Cass
6. take Stella to the best park ever
7. Go to Malibu soon
8. See Raleigh in Oregon
9. FInish the sample line with no complications
10. Make 1 million dollars this year
11. Tell Jimmy I love him
12. Propose to Kelsey
13. Have a party in the back yard with a bouncy castle
14. Learn more hula hoop tricks
15. Buy really really expensive shoes
17. Watch the craft right now
18. Raise some money for PETA
19. Go to 3 Dodgers games
20. See sex and the city for a 3rd time with Cass

JULY 2008

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