Tuesday, March 31, 2009

chocolate milk

I'm standing in the kitchen drinking chocolate milk through a windy straw, wondering if Charlie is gonna call me. I don't really know him, he really doesn't know me, but it would be fun to escape my usual thoughts for a while. Stop thinking about painful things and weird next door neighbor drama. My girlfriends and I might go to Coachella and do a WGSN Wildfox story, I want that to happen but I I don't want to not go to New York with Michael. My Mother is coming to town on Friday and I want to look in the times to see fun things to do with her, maybe she'll meet someone.

Later in the night, after we've cleaned the entire house and changed all the furniture, we notice Havana our chihuaha is missing. We search for her all over the neighborhood screaming her name. I imagine her tiny body in the mouth of a hungry coyote (she would be a delicous muscly snack so it's not far fetched) Mer and I stand on the corner, helpless. Mer says "I've seen 2 coyotes right here before. We head back to the house, and it's a good thing we left the door open cause she's back, shaking on the floor, wagging her tail.

We go to the Ye Rustic inn and eat chicken wings with Kelsey and Nathan. He just moved here from Australia and used to host some program there. It's fun to imitate him.

Tonight...what to do? I think Britney Spears music videos and drawing.

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