Monday, March 30, 2009

sho and jo

Thursday, Shoshanna and Joseph came to visit from Eugene, Oregon. It's always fun to be around teenagers, it makes me feel very happy. I wish my career involved counseling teens... maybe some day in the future. Sho is sooo 14, with that 14 year old attitude and perfect body. Joseph is the sweetest boy ever, he works in a tanning salon. They can both sing EXTREMELY well. I'm positive they'll both be very famous , the next Highschool musical stars.

We stayed at Jimmys near Mulholland drive. Jimmy was out of town and we hung out in the Bentley and walked up the hill to stare at the "juicy" house. "This is where one of the owners of Juicy Couture lives" We wondered why she hadn't designed her house as well as her clothing line.

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