Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Tell me a story Toree

Toree and I lived together for a year, we went to HighSchool in Santa Barbara along with my partner, Emily Faulstich, and our friend, singer Katy Perry. Creativity flowing out of that school!!

(Our Highschool WAS Varsity blues. Ughh)

Toree is not only gorgeous and lovely but she gets to work with exotic animals for movies. This includes taking them home to her apt on the weekends and bottle feeding them. Napping with them, loving them and basically making me extremely jealous. And she just booked abercrombie. Wow Toree, way to make us all feel bad. That's why I make her model for us in exchange for clothes, cause she loves me.

The First one is me painting her in cheetah spots for the playboy mansion halloween party.

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