Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I wake up on Kelseys couch and all the lights are out I'm freezing and feel sick, had too many strawberry margaritas and patrick made me some tea but I fell asleep and its sitting cold on the ottoman. I walk up the stairs feeling dizzy and shes making her bed nicks on the floor watching her. She gives me a ride home.

Meet Brenda at the echo to see fools gold play, me Nick and Kelsey meet Brenda and Meredith and Peter and we dance so hard it feels like we're in South America and Ive got my phone and credit card tucked in my boots and when we dance everyone around us starts to dance with us. I watch Brenda flip her blonde hair with that big smile and baggy sweater, ripped denim shorts and black biker boots. We walk back to her house sort of drunk and I smoke a cigarette sitting on her fire escape looking out over sunset BLVD she puts on the movie cant hardly wait and we talk about how awesome the 90s were and how no one makes fun ridiculous movies anymore. In the morning Peter and Emily pick me up and we go to the office.
David comes over and we eat dinner at Malo and I get pretty nervous it's really frustrating cause I hate when I'm that way, I just hate restaurants I wish there was somewhere with blankets on the ground and you didnt have to order anything you could just eat whatever is there and roll around on the pillows, and all they have is sushi and cupcakes and chocolate milk... OK so that sounds a bit excessive but it's perfect for me and I guess Im kinda wierd. We order tequila shots it feels like Ive been drinking too much lately. David has dark olive skin and dark hair brown puppy dog eyes and distinct bone structure he's very lovely and kind of silly but he akes me feel very comfortable being me which is rare to never, he reminds me of staring at a sparkler, when you close your eyes he is like echoes of light. We lay in the gazebo in my backyard and talk about death and my friend Anthony who died in a car accident a few days ago. We kiss and I could stay out there all night forever and ever.


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  2. that feeling is the best in the world, being very comfortable and all......

    really glad it could take you away, if only for a moment, from any bumming out

    your clothes make me so happy so i hope you are too!