Monday, April 6, 2009

I am not your doll

I've never been one to dress conventionally, you wont find any suitable formal wear in my closet, and I'm terrible at conforming to certain dress codes. Which is why it is nice to be single. I forgot this fact! Being in a relationship makes it hard to know what to wear, especially if the other person in the relationship is much more conservative when it comes to style. That crazy grey beanie with the long ear tail things that girl knit for you at the Emerge and see festival, the one you wore every day with your ever growing dreadlock and floral dresses just wont do anymore, not for outings with him.
How do guys even notice what you're wearing? My girlfriends hardly even notice!
I've never had that much of a problem with it, I think most guys get it when they meet me, "this chick is a lunatic dresser" and they either dig it...or they don't. I'd like to ask the ones that don't, please, don't try to date me... what I wear is really just an expression of who i am. Messy, restless, all over the place, creative and sometimes fake.

argument example number 1:

-Interesting outfit


-You know, just interesting.

-I love this dress!

-It's cool. Yeah. I guess (laughs not in a funny way)

-You do not think its cool. Why don't I just change then?
(me in closet ripping off dress and putting on a t shirt)

-No no not a T shirt! Just put the dress back on! Id rather have the dress!

-No, this is what you get now.


-I made this T shirt, you dont like it?

-No I love it just not for tonight!

-What the hell is it like a dressup night?

-I just want you to look nice

-I look perfect.

So off we go to the party, me in T shirt him boiling in his seat and me, wishing I was wearing my cute dress that everybody always loves.

Argument 2:

Are you going to brush your hair?

I like my hair like this


What? It's cool!

Oh just let me brush it oh please

no way, you're not getting near me with that thing
(laps around couch chasing with horrible hair brush)

Oh kimberley please! PLEASE! Just make me happy, make your mother happy

Okay, that one was with my Mum and she did have a point. It needed to be brushed.

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  1. hahahah the first argument is the same one i have with my boyfriend (all the time) nice to know i am not the only one.