Wednesday, May 20, 2009

why do you stop me

Love is enough to make you stop. Why do you stop me? I like the feeling of writing all night, eating chocolate by the open window, summer night moon coating the paper as your hand sweeps it scratching messy cursive, pen bleeding into the book beneath. You realize when you're alone you can see everything and when the lights are off you don't sleep.
You put on red lipstick and drink cold beer try on everything in your closet check your phone a million times text all your friends write and write about what you think and see and dream.

I like the feeling of being together.
When he is there you become the writing. You put down the pen, the makeup. You lay on your bed together all day talking about nothing. You read and dance with the music up all the way draw all night laugh so hard and you stop, for one second you finally stop you don't contemplate who you are you just are, there is nothing else.

why do you stop me? It is like dying and living, waking and dreaming
loving and being alone


  1. ya they do that. waltz in and waltz out. messing up all that was just fine before they waltzed in.

  2. i love you. i love this. kim & david sitting in a tree...